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Iraqi news sources reported that ISIS kidnapped approximately 60 civilian families as militants retreated from advancing coalition forces. Iraqi military leaders stated that the kidnappings took place in the al-Shifa district of Mosul. Unfortunately, ISIS’ brutal treatment of civilians is not new. ISIS has used civilians as human shields, shot at, executed, and kidnapped civilians in desperate attempts to maintain their stronghold. While it is encouraging that ISIS continues to lose ground, the danger is not over for innocent men, women, and children in ISIS’ path.     

2017-06-07 Iraq (Iraqi News) – Islamic State militants kidnapped 60 families from western Mosul district, a source from Federal Police said on Sunday.

“As the group retreated in al-Shifa district, the militants kidnapped 60 families from the district while the security troops were advancing,” Col. Khodeir Saleh told BasNews.

“The abducted families were taken to the Old City and prevented from fleeing toward the troops,” he added.

Federal Police forces, according to Saleh, “besiege the region from all sides. 27 militants were killed in al-Shifa district during the confrontations.”

Earlier on Saturday, the Iraqi government forces recaptured Zanjili district in western Mosul, leaving only one district of al-Shifa in Islamic State’ grip before reaching its strategic stronghold in the Old City neighborhood.

News reports mentioned that dozens of civilians were killed either during the battles or while fleeing over the past few days. Number of the victims has not been identified yet.




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