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Christians from India’s Gujarat State are planning on submitting a formal memorandum complaining about a school textbook that refers to Jesus Christ as a demon. Many have complained about the class IX Hindi textbook that refers to Jesus Christ as a ‘heavaan’ or demon for over a month and the local government has yet to correct the offensive reference. Some claim that the reference was intentional and meant to offend Christians while others claim it was an honest mistake by the local authorities. Will this be corrected after the memorandum is sent in to the government?  

06/12/2017 India (Times of India) – Christians from across the city and district will be submitting a memorandum to the district collector over the class IX Hindi textbook published by Gujarat State School Textbook Board (GSSTB) that had printed adjective ‘hevaan’ or demon for Jesus Christ.

Christians from Syrian Church, Pentecost, Brethren Mission, Protestant, Roman Catholic and other denominations have expressed shock over the textbook referring Jesus Christ as a demon. Christians will take out a rally and submit a memorandum to district collector Mahendra Patel here on Monday.

Chapter 16 in the textbook titled ‘Bharatiya sanskriti mein guru-shishya sambandh’ (teacher-student relationship in Indian culture) says, “Is sambandh me hevaan Isa ka ek kathan sada smaraniya hai (In this context, one statement of demon Jesus is always memorable). Jesus Christ is quoted as saying, “My followers are much greater than me and I am not worthy enough to be even their shoes.”

Spokesperson and presbyter-in-charge, Reverend Dennis E Amin said, “Christians are a peace-loving community. It seems there is a deliberate attempt to instigate the community by using the word ‘demon’ for Jesus Christ. We are followers of Jesus Christ and it hurts when such a mistake is committed.”

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