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As reports continue to surface of religious violence between Muslims and Christians in Iraq, a few individuals are attempting to rebuild both their country and relationships. Young Muslims in northern Mosul have partnered with Christians to help rebuild the Monastery of Saint George after ISIS’ destruction. ISIS smashed windows, damaged the church’s dome, and destroyed the cross. As radical groups try to maintain religious violence, it is encouraging to see Muslims and Christians working together to repair both churches and relationships.    

2017-06-07 Egypt (Crux Now) – As government forces pry apart the Islamic State’s three yearlong grip on Mosul, Muslims and Christians have united to rebuild a damaged monastery.

A Facebook page called “This is Christian Iraq” – dedicated to connecting Iraqi Christians and maintaining the faith amid ISIS threats – recently posted a series of photos showing the joint effort.

The May 27 post said that young Muslims from the northern neighborhood joined Christians at the Monastery of Saint George, participating in cleaning and repairs.

The monastery belongs to the Chaldean Catholic tradition, an Eastern Catholic rite in full communion with the Vatican. ISIS militants vandalized the monastery – smashing windows, damaging the church’s dome, and discarding its cross.




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