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Boko Haram, in an attempt to spread their bloody caliphate into Cameroon, conducted a suicide bombing that left two dead and two injured. Boko Haram has increased its bomb and gun attacks in Nigeria and Cameroon, like its partner ISIS, after losing much of the land they were controlling in the build up to Nigeria’s 2015 elections. Though they claim that they are trying to build a Caliphate, Boko Haram’s goals are not always clear as they have bombed mosques, churches, market places, killing many Christians but also people of other faiths.

06/03/2017 Cameroon (Cameroon Concord) – A suicide bombing in Cameroon on Thursday morning left two dead and two injured in another attempt by Boko Haram terrorists to sow fear and forge ahead with the desperate building of their bloody caliphate.

That caliphate, they hope, would spread from Nigeria and extend to Cameroon, Chad and Niger in the Lake Chad Basin.

Today’s suicide attack took place in Djakana village of Cameroon’s far north, along the border with Nigeria where Abubakar Shekau’s men are based and from where they launch deadly attacks in this West and Central African region.

Djakana is located in the town of Mora, the department of Mayo-Sava in Cameroon’s far north.

The two bombers died instantly in their own attack and injured two civilians who are members of the vigilance force in Djakana, reported Cameroonian newspaper, L’Oeil du Sahel. It was a provisional death toll, the newspaper said.





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