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ICC Note

After ISIS’s latest attack on Coptic Christians in Egypt, the Egyptian government removed the security chief in the province where the attack happened. The attacks on Coptic Christians since 2016 have resulted in little response from the government which has allowed such continued attacks and instilled fear among Coptic Christians. Hopefully, Egypt will begin instituting stronger security measures to protect vulnerable minority populations, especially Coptic Christians.  

2017-05-31 Egypt (Fox News) – Egypt removed the security chief of a province south of Cairo where Islamic State militants last week killed 29 Christians traveling to a remote monastery in the desert, an acknowledgment of the lapses by authorities in dealing with the attack.

According to an Interior Ministry statement late on Monday, Maj-Gen Faisal Dewidar was transferred from his post and was assigned the position of deputy director of the security forces. It is not clear if the position is in Minya.

Dewidar’s transfer was ratified as part of a wider reshuffle in the police that included 13 other Interior Ministry officials who were removed from their posts and appointed elsewhere.



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