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Sectarian violence again seems to have broken out in the Central African Republic. A new United Nations report identified hundreds of human rights violations including massacres, gang rapes, and entire villages burned to the ground. The conflict started in 2013 when mostly Muslim rebels terrorized civilians in the capital. Christian militia rose up in oppositions to the rebels. Now armed groups roam C.A.R leaving devastation and bloodshed in their wake. According to the report sectarian violence has recently spread to areas that had previously remained untouched.

2017-05-30 Central African Republic (WAOW) – A sweeping new United Nations report identifies hundreds of human rights violations in Central African Republic since 2003 that may amount to war crimes, including massacres, gang rapes and entire villages burned to the ground.

Tuesday’s report comes amid growing fears that the country terrorized by multiple armed groups is once again slipping into the sectarian bloodshed that left thousands dead between late 2013 and 2015.

U.N. investigators highlight more than 600 abuses over a 12-year period, and are urging both prosecution and the creation of a truth and reconciliation commission. While the report refrains from identifying the alleged perpetrators unless they are already the subject of sanctions or an arrest warrant, those identities are known and are being kept in a confidential database, officials said.

“In documenting the violations and abuses of the past, we hope to galvanize national and international efforts to protect and bring justice to the victims of these crimes,” said Parfait Onanga-Anyanga, the U.N. special representative for the country.




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