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Pastor William Devlin of Infinity Bible Church in New York visited Qaraqosh, once the home to the largest Christian population in Iraq, and witnessed the devastation left behind by ISIS. He reports that churches were desecrated and stores had been vandalized with Arabic graffiti. Christian leaders are now demanding the reconstruction of destroyed religious sites and the establishment of an autonomous area that will be protected by the United Nations. Hopefully this will allow Christians to return to their homes.

2017-05-25 Iraq (Christian Daily) – The destruction that the Islamic State left in the Christian town of Qaraqosh in Iraq is comparable to an “Armageddon,” according to a U.S. pastor who witnessed the devastation when he visited the place earlier this month.

In an interview with The Christian Post, Pastor William Devlin of Infinity Bible Church in New York described how the crosses in Qaraqosh have been destroyed and churches were desecrated. He also recounted seeing stores whose doors have been vandalized with Arabic graffiti.

“One would have thought Armageddon had already taken place,” Pastor Devlin told the Post.

“Stately stone homes, thousands of them burned by the Islamic State beginning in August 2014 and continuing through October 2016,” Devlin continued describing. “Every business gutted, its metal drop down doors, each littered with Arabic graffiti — ‘We are the sons of Muhammad; Christians and Jews are the sons of apes, monkeys and pigs;’ every cross and crucifix distorted, bent or ravaged into a dystopic mess.”





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