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Sudan has demolished the second church in less than two weeks after someone made a dubious claim to the land. Authorities confiscated the property despite the church showing ownership documents. Though the government denies that Christians are the target of the 27 demolitions and gradual confiscations of properties, no mosques or Quran schools face the same restrictions. The Sudanese government claims that because of the reduced number of Christians, they no longer need as many churches.

2017-05-25 Sudan (Christian Times) – Another church has been demolished in Sudan’s capital of Khartoum last week, just ten days after a church building was torn down in nearby Soba Al Aradi suburb.

A Sudanese Church of Christ (SCOC) building in Algadisia district has been torn down on May 17 after someone claimed ownership of the property without providing any proof.

According to Christian charity Middle East Concern (MEC), the church tried to show ownership documents, but authorities went on with the demolition, stating they had orders to do so.

A total of 27 churches has been scheduled for demolition by the Sudanese government, claiming they violated the designated purposes for the land. The government, however, has refused to designate any plots of land for church buildings, saying there is no need for new churches in Sudan.

Apart from the demolition of the 27 churches, the authorities are also gradually confiscating properties belonging to the Sudan Presbyterian Evangelical Church in Bahri and Omdurman.






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