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ICC Note

China continues to fight against human rights, including increasing its persecution of Christians. The international community recognizes China’s deteriorating human rights record and is speaking out against China’s human rights practices. US Congressman Chris Smith, for example, has pledged support for those fighting for human rights in China, like Chen Guiqui. Chen Guiqui is a human rights lawyer who, along with two others, were imprisoned and tortured for efforts to promote human rights in China. Obviously, this kind of act by the Chinese government not only affects those imprisoned and tortured, but also affects the families of those prisoners.

2017-05-22 China (VOA News) – Members of the U.S. House Foreign Affairs Committee on Thursday heard testimony from the wives of three Chinese human rights lawyers who were detained and tortured by Chinese authorities, and the lawmakers vowed to do all they can to help protect those fighting for positive change in the area of human rights in China.

Rep. Chris Smith of New Jersey, who has closely monitored China’s human rights and political conditions for decades, pointed out at Thursday’s hearing that when a dissident is sent off to jail, “it is not just that dissident who suffers, it’s the wives, the families and extended families” that also end up suffering. “Very often they as well are rounded up and interrogated and beaten.”

Threats against families

One of the wives, Chen Guiqiu, who recently arrived in the United States with help from the U.S. government, said at the hearing that her husband’s interrogators threatened to stage a car accident against his wife and children if he refused to admit his crimes.



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