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Since the beginning of the month, West Africa has been hit with a spate of suicide bombings. Often these bombers are females, who have been forced by their kidnappers to conduct the suicide attacks. Boko Haram uses women because they are more likely to pass unnoticed. They have used this tactic to blow up schools and churches in their persecution of Christians.   

2017-05-21 West Africa (Long War Journal) – Since the beginning of this month, the West African countries of Nigeria and Cameroon have been hit with a spate of suicide bombings. The majority of these bombings have involved women, an incredibly common tactic in the region.

On May 3, three teenage girls reportedly attempted to infiltrate a military outpost in the city of Maiduguri, the capital of Nigeria’s Borno state. The three were subsequently spotted which resulted in each detonating themselves as Nigerian soldiers tried to stop them. No casualties were reported. Two days later, seven people were killed when two girls detonated near a grouping of people in the town of Konduga in Borno.

One week later on May 13, two male suicide bombers detonated themselves after being stopped trying to enter Maiduguri’s university complex. One security official was killed and another wounded in the blast. Around the same time, a female attacker blew herself up at a nearby church, damaging the building. On May 16, the town of Konduga was again targeted by jihadists.






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