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According to News Busters the term ‘war on women’ is often used in our current political climate without acknowledging the war that is conducted against persecuted women abroad. In fact, Christian women abroad face a ‘double persecution’ that makes them vulnerable to rape, kidnapping and family members slain before their eyes. Because women in many countries hold the lowest social status their perpetrators are not punished. Thus, it is important to tell the stories of these women so that their voices are heard and are no longer under-reported.

2017-05-20 Africa (News Busters) -While the media readily report the U.S. “war on women” (think: abortion), they oddly refrain from covering the real war on women abroad – that of women tortured for their faith by terrorists like ISIS.

Last week, Open Doors USA Advocacy Director Kristin Wright spoke with MRC Culture about the “underreported” Christian persecution worldwide and the media’s hesitancy to call it out as genocide. As she told the story of one Iraqi woman fleeing ISIS, she stressed that women even face a “double-persecution” in many countries.

MRC Culture spoke with Wright at the World Summit in Defense of Persecuted Christians in Washington, D.C. Wright serves as a U.S. advocate for persecuted Christians abroad and travels worldwide to meet with victims. She also pens a Huffington Post column informing Americans of the issue.

At the beginning of the interview, MRC Culture asked Wright for her take on the media coverage of Christian persecution worldwide. According to Wright, journalists must do more.




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