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Two suicide bombers attempted to enter the University of Maiduguri’s BOT Hostel for female students. The resulting panic led to a stampede that injured several of the students. In a heroic gesture, a security guard stopped one of the suicide bombers from gaining access. Two other bombs went off in other locations in the school. Such attacks on Nigerian schools makes it difficult for students to access safe education.


2017-05-19 Nigeria (The Nation) – Another army of suicide bombers on Friday infiltrated the University of Maiduguri campus lunching an attack on the university hostel killing two security men on guard.

More than four explosions were reported to have happened within the school campus but the one that resulted to death happened at the BOT Hostel accommodating females.

According to a student source from the hostel, two suicide bombers came into the hostels from the back gate and hugged one of the security men who tried to prevent them from gaining entrance into the main building of the hostel.

The source also added that the deafening sound from the blast caused panic among students in the hostels who scampered for safety causing stampede that led to the injury of many students.

“We heard the sound at it was so loud that many of us became confused in the hostel. Some students even fainted. Others were running and felling on others. Many have been wounded in what I can call a stampede,” the source said.




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