Giving hope to persecuted Christians since 1995
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ICC Note: Several Nigerians end up fleeing their country because of the dangers they are expose to with radical Muslims. These victims end up becoming refugees in a foreign land, after they have left everything behind. Unfortunately, they have also witnessed brutal attacks against their own people and their communities, which takes away their hope of ever returning to the place they call home.  

05/19/2017, Nigeria (Deseret News)- Walking the streets of southern Italy and Sicily, the young Nigerian man daily sees hundreds of refugees who have fled their native lands — mostly from Africa or the Middle East — and who are escaping religious persecutions, economic devastation, political instabilities, ethnic cleansing or unlivable living conditions.

In his mid-20s and sporting a white dress shirt, slacks and a tie, he has a purpose. The refugees he sees — of all ages — may not have much more than the clothes on their backs, and they’re looking for work, for food, for stability, or for what tomorrow may bring.

What the young man doesn’t see is his place among them — although he could.

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