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ICC Note:

Chinese authorities pressured landlords into evicting a church from their premises. Guanfu Church has experienced years of persecution at the hands of China’s government, and they have been forced from every location they have met in since 2015. During their last eviction, the landlord admitted it was the police pressuring him to force them out. China is undertaking a crackdown on unregistered churches and attempting to force them to join the state-sponsored Three Self Patriotic Movement church.

5/19/2017 China (The Gospel Herald) – Authorities in China’s southern Guangdong province have upped persecution against an unregistered house church, pressuring their landlord to evict the congregation — leaving them without a place to worship.

According to a new report from persecution watchdog China Aid, officials have been harassing Guangfu Church for years because it refused to join the state-sanctioned Three-Self Church. Since 2015, police have coerced the church’s successive landlords to terminate their contracts with the congregation.

Unfortunately, their efforts finally worked.

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