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Chinese officials released a video of Christian human rights lawyer Jiang Tianyong walking to refute claims of torture. Although it does nothing with regards to refuting torture claims, it does show that he could stand when the video was taken. China claims the video was taken on May 17th. News of Jiang had been leaked to his family that he had been tortured and that his leg had swollen to the point that he could not stand. Jiang’s wife is currently in the United States advocating for his release. Jiang was a Christian human rights lawyer who defended religious rights before China disbarred him. After he could no longer practice law, he continued to work as an adviser and an advocate for other human rights activists. He lived on the run from China and, according to his wife, slept in a different place every night to avoid being detained. Jiang was detained in November of 2016.

5/19/2017 China (The New York Times) –

Chinese police released a video on Thursday of detained human rights activist Jiang Tianyong to refute what it described as rumors he had been tortured, though Jiang’s wife said the clip had not assuaged fears for her husband’s safety.

Disbarred lawyer Jiang, 46, who had spoken out against a government crackdown on dozens of rights activists in 2015, went missing in Changsha city in November last year, his wife told Reuters at the time.

Authorities later confirmed his detention.

His wife, Jin Bianling, who is in the United States, said on Twitter on May 11 that an “unnamed individual within the Changsha system” told her Jiang had been tortured.

“Something has happened to Jiang Tianyong’s leg, he cannot stand on it, the whole leg is swollen,” she said.

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