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ICC Note:

In a case that echoes the recent trial of Li Heping, human rights lawyer Xie Yang has been “released” following his trial but has yet to actually be released by authorities. Xie’s case has looked bad for China. He garnered international attention when he broke the news of his torture while in detainment. His trial was canceled when international diplomats appeared at his trial and then the trial was hurriedly rescheduled without announcement and would-be-supporters were threatened to avoid the area altogether. Xie’s trial ended with a guilty plea only months after he said if he were to ever plead guilty, it would be under extreme duress or torture. His family has fled to the United States. Xie Yang defended Christians and was detained during the “709 crackdown” in which China detained hundreds of human rights activists in 2015.

5/16/2017 China (Radio Free Asia) – RFA: We heard that Xie Yang has been released. Have you been in touch with him?

Chen Guiqiu: He may have been let out of jail, but he hasn’t really regained his liberty. I had a very brief phone conversation with him, but he said it was very inconvenient to talk then, and I haven’t heard from him since. He isn’t genuinely free. I told him that we’re all fine here in the U.S. He was using someone else’s cell phone that a state security police officer had taken from someone. He is with his parents right now. I don’t know where the state security police have taken him. He’s been ‘disappeared,’ just like a lot of the other July 2015 people. He’s not free. They are pretending to set him free. It’s a joke; I want to make that very clear. He must be under unimaginable pressure.

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