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ICC Note: On December of 2015, two Sudanese pastors had been accused of espionage, treason, and the promotion of violence in the country. Even though the authorities were never able to find any real evidence, they held the pastors in prison without a proper trial. Unfortunately, Sudan is a hostile country for Christians, since they are constantly harassed by the government with their strict regulations.

05/16/2017, Sudan (Christian Post)- A Sudanese pastor and another Christian were released from prison after the two received a presidential pardon for their sentences.

Pastor Hassan Abdelrahim Tawor and Darfur-native Andulmonem Abdumawla were released from prison after Sudanese President Omar al-Bashir granted pardon to the two Christians, the Morning Star News reported.

The two had been in prison since December 2015 when they were arrested along with Czech missionary Petr Jasek.

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