Giving hope to persecuted Christians since 1995
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ICC Note: The type of persecution that Christians face in Sudan is seen as ethnic cleansing. Islam is the predominant religion in the Sudan and the government wants to establish one religion, language and culture for the country. Unfortunately, Christians are excluded and considered a threat to the government’s plan. Therefore, many of their policies to “clean” the state end up affecting Christians in such a dangerous way.  

05/15/2017, Sudan (All Africa)- The Commissioner of Jebel Awliya locality has denied that the demolition of the church building in south-east Khartoum earlier this month is part of a discrimination campaign against Christians.

The recent actions of the authorities to purge the Soba El Aradi district of illegal buildings did not affect the Sudanese Church of Christ alone, Commissioner Jalaleldin El Sheikh El Tayeb said in a press statement on Thursday.

He strongly denied that the demolition of a church building in Soba Aradi targeted Christians, and pointed to the decision of the Khartoum state Land Department in 2012 to remove all illegal buildings in Soba Aradi.

Other religious and educational institutions are affected as well, he said. The removal order included 12 mosques and Koran schools, three churches, and two schools.

According to the commissioner, the authorities have planned a housing project for more than 7,000 people in Soba Aradi.

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