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Several days ago, a Muslim cleric described Christians as non-believers and corrupted on his TV program “Muslims Ask.” The anti-Christian comments drew immediate flak and a lawsuit has been filed against Salem Abdel-Geliel, accusing him of religious contempt, being a threat to national unity, and inciting the killing of Christians. Abdel-Geliel issued an apology and denied that he was inciting violence against Christians. Right now, his trial is set for June 24.

2017-05-15 Egypt (Christian Daily) – A Muslim cleric in Egypt who was previously charged with contempt of religion over anti-Christian comments is set to face trial at a misdemeanor court in Cairo on June 24.

A few days ago, Salem Abdel-Geliel drew flak after he labeled Christians as non-believers during an episode of his religious television program “Muslims Ask” on Mehwar satellite channel. While explaining a passage from the Quran, he also described Christian beliefs as “corrupted,” Ahram details.

In response to the anti-Christian comments on “Muslims Ask,” attorney Naguib Gibrail filed a lawsuit against Abdel-Geliel, accusing him of contempt of religion, being a threat to national unity, inciting the killing of Christians, and disturbing public peace.

On May 10, Mehwar official Hassan Rateb announced that they will cancel the station’s contract with Abdel-Geliel. The channel also issued an official statement apologizing to all “Christian brothers” for what the Muslim cleric said.



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