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ICC Note:

A Christian High Court Lawyer, Jacqueline Sultan, received death threats for her outspoken work against forced conversions in Pakistan. Recently, Sultan received a letter that told her to stop her work or else she would be killed. The threat has been reported to the local police who are now looking into the matter. Lawyers and human rights activists in Pakistan often are threatened by the country’s extremist elements. Kidnappings and forced conversions to Islam remain a major issue faced by Pakistani Christians. The Movement for Solidarity and Peace Pakistan estimates as many as 700 Christian women and girls are kidnapped, raped, forcefully converted to Islam and married to their abductor each year. 

05/15/2017 Pakistan (Christians in Pakistan) – A Pakistani Christian lawyer, Jacqueline Sultan, received death threats. She has been advocating for the rights of minorities and raising her voice against the forced conversion of girls hailing from religious minority communities. Details emerged that the Christian lawyer received a letter in which she was warned not to struggle for the rights of minorities or else she would be killed.

Jacqueline Sultan is both a high court advocate as well as member of the Karachi Bar Council. After she received the threatening letter, she reported the incident to Naeem Qureshi, President of Karachi Bar Association. Later, the incident was also reported to the South SSP, the Rangers DG, and the Risala Police Station.

Jacqueline found the letter in her chamber. Consequently, the Karachi Bar Association has urged the authorities to take serious action regarding the matter and provide the Christian lawyer with foolproof security.

The Karachi Bar Association also urged the authorities to make an inquiry into the matter so as to determine the perpetrators of the act. The lawyers demanded for immediate action and the arrest of the people who had threatened the Christian lawyer.

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