Giving hope to persecuted Christians since 1995
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ICC Note:

China’s President Xi has led a crackdown on human rights, religion, and journalism unlike anything seen since Mao. Lawyers and Christians have been imprisoned, disappeared, tortured and many claim that hundreds of thousands of imprisoned religious practitioners have had their organs harvested in China. The United States, while claiming religious rights are important, has said little, and even declined to sign a letter speaking out against on the illegal detention and torture of activists in China. If anything, the United States has become quieter about the treatment of Christians in China while bolstering relationships with the government that tortures and imprisons them.

5/12/2017 China (Washington Post) – PRESIDENT XI JINPING of China has been tireless in stamping out dissent. He has demanded that journalists, charities and university professors, among others, bow to the supremacy of the Communist Party. He told journalists for party organs that they must show absolute loyalty and “have the party as their family name.” Mr. Xi seems particularly eager to keep a firm hand on the reins of power before this year’s key meeting of the Chinese Communist Party to seal his second five-year term.

One of the most vicious campaigns has been the so-called war on law, using arrests, detentions and show trials to punish lawyers who have courageously defended human rights victims in recent years. The crackdown was launched in July 2015, and more than 250 people were detained. Among them was Li Heping, a prominent lawyer who had defended Chen Guangcheng, the blind legal advocate and rights champion, as well as villagers evicted from their homes and practitioners of Falun Gong, a religious discipline banned by the Chinese authorities.

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