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The Governor of Jakarta, popularly known as Ahok, has been transferred to a high security detention center following security concerns. Muslims have been saying he should be killed because his blood is “haram,” or forbidden. He is a Chinese Christian. The has been convicted of blasphemy for stating that some had tried to use to Quran to convince people not to vote for him. After the conviction supporters of Ahok surrounded the jail he was in. He will spend two years in prison, a conviction higher than even recommended by the prosecution. Hardline Muslims say it is not enough and that he should be imprisoned for longer or killed. Religious rights are eroding at a rapid pace in Indonesia as the central government, which claims to protect the freedom of religious for six religions including Christianity, does little to check the growing threat of Muslim extremists or to protect increasingly vulnerable religious and ethnic minorities such as Ahok. Politicians are afraid if they speak out against Muslim extremists they will be seen as anti-Muslim by voters, most of who are Muslim.

5/12/2017 Indonesia (Reuters) – Jakarta’s once hugely popular governor is being held in a simple room at a high-security detention centre, his only comforts a Bible and visitors twice a week. It’s a grim new life following his conviction for insulting Islam in Muslim-majority Indonesia.

Basuki Tjahaja Purnama was hurriedly transferred to the high-security police facility in a suburb of the city early on Wednesday after his supporters surrounded the Jakarta jail he was initially sent to.

His sister said the family also feared his life was in danger from furious Islamists.

“The religious people have been saying in the mosques that his blood is haram (forbidden) and that killing him is good,” Fifi Lety Indra, the sister and head of his legal team, told Reuters. “This is necessary protection and it gives us peace and comfort that he’s there.”

His two-year imprisonment on Tuesday was much harsher than the suspended sentence the prosecution had sought for the ethnic-Chinese Christian governor, prompting warnings that Islam is creeping into politics and the judiciary of the secular nation.

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