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In its fight against ISIS, Egypt is increasingly using tribesmen to support Egyptian military. Tribesmen can man checkpoints and other duties in working with the Egyptian government. Recognizing the relationship, ISIS attacked and killed 13 tribesmen, according to eye witnesses, who were manning a checkpoint. Witnesses also say that ISIS kidnapped 2 others.  In the midst of such chaos, Christians are unprotected, attacked, and forced to flee.

2017-05-11 Egypt (Anadolu Agency) – Thirteen armed tribesmen were killed in an attack by unidentified gunmen in the northern city of Rafah in Egypt’s Sinai Peninsula, according to eyewitnesses and a local security source.

Local eyewitnesses told Anadolu Agency that attackers in a passing car had opened fire on a group of armed tribesmen from Sinai’s Al-Tarabin tribe late Wednesday in the village of Al-Barth south of Rafah city.

The Al-Tarabin tribe is one of the largest Bedouin tribes of the Sinai Peninsula, which shares borders with both Israel and the Gaza Strip.

The attack left 13 armed tribesmen dead, while two others were abducted by the attackers, according to eyewitnesses, who spoke anonymously due to fears for their safety.

A local security source who spoke to Anadolu Agency on Thursday confirmed the attack, for which he blamed the Daesh terrorist group.



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