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A group of Muslims and Christians believe that the high prices on food affect everyone in the region during the festivities. Even though the union of these two groups is very uncommon to witness in Africa, both of these groups are looking to serve the poor.

05/11/2017, Uganda (All Africa)- As the month of Ramadan approaches a group of 20 Muslim and Christian clerics, have commenced a campaign in local markets across the Northern states to appeal to traders to bring down food prices.

The clergymen, working under the Peace Revival and Reconciliation Foundation, said they would visit markets, interact with traders and their leaders to halt the sharp rise in the prices, especially during the Muslim fasting period of the Ramadan.

“We have organized 10 pastors and 10 Imams for the campaign and we will visit markets, interact with traders unions and individual traders in some part of Northern Nigeria.

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