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A local pastor in China was locked inside his own home by police officers to prevent him from attending church on April 30th. The Huoquan Christian Church has been meeting for 15 years and has about three hundred members. For the past month they have been experiencing increased persecution. Local authorities told the pastor he must “suspend all gatherings.” Then they delivered a document giving the church an ultimatum and told church members they would be criminally liable for attending the church.

5/10/2017 China (China Aid) – After previously banning meetings and services for Huoquan Christian Church in China’s remote western Qinghai province, police officers locked the church’s pastor in his own home to keep him from holding service on April 30.

Huoquan Christian Church is a church with a long and prosperous history, boasting approximately 300 regular members. The church has met for 15 years. However, about a month ago, the church became a target of government attention and persecution.

On March 23, 12 government officers from the local religious affairs and public security bureaus visited the church and told Huoquan’s pastor, Li Mutian, to “suspend all gatherings” and close the church and all its branches or face consequences.

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