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The Coptic Christian murdered over the weekend was buried earlier this week. Priests remembered Nabil Saber Ayoub Mansour as a “good deacon and one of the church’s honest sons.” He was “very meek, quiet, humble, peaceful…He was loved by all,” remembered those who came to his funeral. After Mansour’s murder, some of the few Christian families still in El-Arish have decided to flee while many others who had already left refuse to return.  

2017-05-10 Egypt(Gospel Herald) – The eight Coptic Christian shot and killed this year by Islamic extremists has been remembered as a “humble and peaceful” man who had a deep relationship with God.

World Watch Monitor reports that on May 6, Nabil Saber Ayoub Mansour, a married father of two young children, became the eight Egyptian Coptic Christian to be murdered this year in the region in what appear to be linked killings.

The 40-year-old church deacon and his family had fled to Port Said from El-Arish earlier this year due to continued attacks on Coptic Christians. At the time of his death, Mansour had briefly returned home to retrieve paperwork from his 12-year old son’s school.

When he arrive in El-Arish, Mansour went to his former home, planning to visit the school the next day. Mansour collected his son’s certificate on Saturday and then went home to rest, planning to return to Port Said early the next day.

However, he never arrived.

Mansour’s neighbors witnessed the attack, later telling Mansour’s brother-in-law, Moheb Qadry Fares, what happened.


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