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The trial of Xie Yang, a prominent human rights activist who has defended Christians, has reportedly begun without notice this week. Xie’s case became even more widely recognized when we reported being tortured while in detention to his lawyer. His lawyer has since disappeared. His trial was suspected a few weeks ago when supporters including foreign diplomats appeared at court in support of him for a scheduled trial. Some local activists were warned recently not to go to Changsha where the trial is being held. Xie was detained during a massive crackdown on human rights activists.

5/8/2017 China (Al Jazeera) – The trial of a prominent Chinese human-rights lawyer has begun without prior public notice.

Monday’s development follows delayed proceedings in the case, which has prompted international concern after allegations that he had been tortured.

Xie Yang, who had worked on numerous cases considered politically sensitive by China’s ruling Communist Party, was among hundreds of legal staff and activists detained in a crackdown in the summer of 2015.

“On May 8 at 9:30am, the trial of defendant Xie Yang opened. [He] is charged with inciting subversion of state power and disrupting court order,” the Changsha Intermediate People’s Court said in an online statement.

The court also posted what appeared to be a transcript of opening proceedings.

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