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ICC Note:

Hardline Muslims are not satisfied with merely hijacking the election and derailing the campaign of the Christian governor of Jakarta, popularly known as Ahok. Nor are they content with the recommended two year suspended prison sentence recommended by the prosecution. They want him in prison for the maximum sentence. Hardline Muslims led the protests against Ahok because they did not want to be governed by a non-Muslim. That is the reason he lost the election he was favored to win. But now these same groups are continuing protests. Today, thousands of protesters gathered in Jakarta to demand a harsher prison sentence for Ahok based on a misconstrued statement about the Quran. Indonesia’s blasphemy laws have been misused to prevent freedom of speech and silence those who are not part of the Muslim majority. The verdict of the trial is scheduled for May 8th.

5/5/2017 Indonesia (The Washington Post) – Thousands of conservative Muslims took to the streets of the Indonesian capital on Friday to call for the jailing of its minority Christian governor who is on trial on charges of blaspheming the Quran.

At least several thousand white-robed protesters marched after Friday prayers at Istiqlal Mosque in central Jakarta until reaching the nearby Supreme Court building.

The protest comes just days before a district court announces its verdict in Gov. Basuki “Ahok” Tjahaja Purnama’s blasphemy trial.

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