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The Universal Periodic Review at the UNHCR addressed the growing problem of religious intolerance in Indonesia this week. The Asian Correspondent noted that, “Many delegations cited the recent gubernatorial elections in Jakarta as cause for concern over growing intolerance and religious extremism in Indonesia.” Indonesia is trying hard to maintain its image as a country of religious tolerance after hardline Muslims hijacked the election for Governor of Jakarta and coerced the central government to try the Christian candidate for blasphemy against the Quran. Many view the most recent elections as evidence of the influence that religious intolerance holds in Indonesia’s political sphere.

5/5/2017 Indonesia (Asian Correspondent) – EXECUTIONS for drug crimes, rising religious intolerance, and the repression of activists and journalists in Papua were some major criticisms lodged against Indonesia’s human rights record at the nation’s Universal Periodic Review in Geneva on Wednesday.

The delegations from around 100 countries lined up to comment on the condition of human rights in Indonesia, with a slew of states from Europe, Africa and the Americas recommending that Indonesia re-impose a moratorium on the death penalty and steps towards the elimination of capital punishment.

The United Nations Human Rights Council conducts the UPR for each member state every five years, providing an opportunity for other nations to analyse progress and highlight concerns.

While states parties applauded Indonesia’s progress in pursuing the protection of rights for some vulnerable groups such as women, children and people with disabilities, Indonesia’s high-level delegation was faced with widespread calls to better protect religious and LGBT minority groups.

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