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A woman has been searching for 3 years for her daughter who was kidnapped by ISIS in 2014 when militants attacked Mosul. As people like Christina’s mother fled ISIS, militants grabbed Christina from her mother’s shoulders. Since July 2014, Christina’s mother has searched many refugee camps while grasping her daughter’s picture, hoping anyone has found her. No one knows if Christina, who is now 6-years old, is dead or alive, free or captive, loved or abused. Pray for Christina, her mother, and all others who are being held by ISIS.       

2017-05-02 Iraq (Al Araybiya) – As a withered woman roamed the gates of refugee camps in Iraq, constantly drawing attention as she carried a large photo of her little girl with the hope that someone would recognize her.

She is among more than half a million Iraqis have been displaced from the city of Mosul, troubled by the fierce battles. Many camps have been hastily built to absorb around 10,000 people each.

The woman in question, Christina’s mother, is found moving constantly between camps with a poster of her daughter who was 3 years old when she was kidnapped by ISIS militants. The little girl was mercilessly grabbed off her shoulder when over 70,000 Iraqi Christians fled Mosul in July, 2014.

Christina would be six today if she is still alive. Her mother lives in Bahraka camp, in the city of Arbil, which includes thousands of Christian refugees who fled from Mosul after ISIS seized the surrounding villages.


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