Giving hope to persecuted Christians since 1995
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ICC Note: Radical Muslim groups like the Selekas attack villages and kill innocent people as a form of protest against the government. Many Christians have been affected by these attacks that have allowed the anti-Balaka militia to form and fight back.

05/01/2017, CAR (All Africa) – Holding a hammer, Marcel Hamat walks through his house, or what remains of it. For the first time, the 52-year-old has returned to his hometown, Iyeda, after it was attacked and nearly razed to the ground in October 2016.

The village is located between two fronts. In the west, the Koui neighborhood is controlled by the 3R militia (retour, reclamation, rehabilitation), an armed group of predominantly Muslim cattle-herders of the Peuhl community (also called Fulbe). In the east, lies the city of Makunzi Wali, ruled by the anti-Balaka, a majority Christian militia.

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