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As the Pope concluded his visit to Egypt over the weekend, he addressed an international peace conference composed of both Muslims and Christians. Pope Francis and religious leaders condemned terrorism in the name of religion and called on followers of Islam and Christianity to live in peace. They also called on the government to address civil-military problems in the Sinai region where many people feel alienated and unprotected, vulnerable to religious extremism.      

2017-05-01 Egypt (Voice of America) – Muslim and Christian religious leaders who gathered for an international peace conference in Egypt this week denounced terrorism in the name of religion.

The conference was held at a time when Egypt is suffering from a growing militant insurgency in parts of the country.

Addressing the peace conference hosted by the Al-Azhar University in Cairo, the oldest Islamic university – which has a national network of schools with around 2 million students – the university’s Grand Imam Dr. Ahmad Al-Tayyeb denounced preaching violence in the name of God.

“Some of the ayats [Quranic verses] I mentioned reveal the openness of this religion [Islam] towards other religions and respecting their beliefs, how could some classify Islam as a religion of terror,” asked Al-Tayyeb.

Al-Tayyeb called on militant extremists to stop using religion for achieving their goals and inciting religious hatred and violence.

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