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Chinese Christians in Zhejiang Province, China want to celebrate the departure of a government official by re-erecting crosses on their churches. Xia Baolong, Communist Party secretary, is the government official attributed with the cross removal campaign that saw more than 1,700 crosses removed since 2013. Zhejiang is one of China’s most Christianized areas. China has been cracking down on churches in this province however, by removing church crosses and installing CCTV cameras inside churches for the purpose of monitoring “terrorism.”

5/1/2017 China (UCA News) – Chinese Christians in the eastern province of Zhejiang are proposing that crosses taken down from churches during a government cross removal campaign be re-erected as way of celebrating the departure of an official responsible for their removal.

The proposal — made by some Protestants in the area — was sent out via social media not long after it was known that Xia Baolong, Communist Party secretary of Zhejiang, was being reassigned to Beijing.

The proposition to re-erect the church crosses was a way to “bid farewell” to Xia who local Christians hold responsible for the removal of 1,700 plus church crosses in Zhejiang since late 2013.

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