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In their desperate attempts to hold Mosul, ISIS militants are disguising themselves as Iraqi government forces to launch attacks against soldiers and civilians alike. Reports suggest that at least 15 civilians were killed and many others arrested in the most recent attack, but the casualty estimates range from 10-20.  Despite the success coalition forces are having, ISIS continues to threaten civilian populations.

2017-04-28 Egypt (Newsweek) – Militants loyal to the Islamic State group (ISIS) have disguised themselves as pro-Iraqi government forces to slaughter civilians and Iraqi soldiers in an attempt to defend their final, embattled stronghold of Mosul, according to local officials. 

One group of ISIS fighters reportedly donned Iraqi federal police and security forces uniforms and drove black cars into a central district of Mosul’s Old City. The neighborhood is located near the front lines of an offensive led by Iraqi troops, Kurdish forces, Iran-backed Shiite militias and a U.S.-led coalition to drive the ultraconservative Sunni Muslim group from its already shrinking territory in the country. Civilians flocked to welcome what appeared to be a pro-government convoy entering the neighborhood and the jihadists began singing and chanting to feign celebration that the area had been supposedly cleared of ISIS forces, according to a report published by Lebanon’s The Daily Star.



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