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Some military commanders and experts contend that Mosul could be free from ISIS’ control in one month. Civilians are still fleeing as the fighting intensifies to avoid being used as human shields. Homes and businesses are still being demolished in the shelling and bombings. Chemical weapons are still wreaking havoc in Mosul’s streets. But, coalition forces continue to inch their way to freeing Mosul from ISIS.

2017-04-25 Iraq (Sputnik News) – On Saturday, Daesh launched yet another chemical attack in the al Saura district of Mosul in northern Iraq, a source in the country’s internal security forces told Sputnik Arabic. Terrorists have used bombs with mustard gas, which have killed six people and injured twelve more.

The attack has become the seventh assault in which the terrorists have used chemical weapons and was launched when the Iraqi government forces entered the district to rescue local residents.

The terrorists’ last chemical attack was launched less than one week ago, on April 18. Over 80 residents of Mosul, predominantly women and children, have already died as the result of inhaling toxic poisonous gas.

Meanwhile, Sputnik Turkiye talked to one of the unit commanders of the Iraqi Popular Mobilization Forces, a major Iraqi state-supported umbrella group, also known as Al-Hashd Al-Sha’abi.

Commander Ali Haşim Huseyni told Sputnik that the operation of the Iraqi government forces and Popular Mobilization Forces is still going on in the city and that they were able to liberate 75 percent of the city’s territory from Daesh, which is now under government control.



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