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ICC Note

Barnabas Aid, a Christian non-profit organization that works with persecuted Christians, contends that persecution of Iranian Christians increased exponentially in 2016. The rise in persecution occurred across various mediums including physical attacks, anti-Christian government rhetoric, and legal persecution. USCIRF recommended in its 2016 annual report that Iran be designated a country of special concern.

2017-04-25 Iraq (Christians in Pakistan) – Christian charity group Barnabas Aid claims that persecution of Iranian Christians worsened in 2016. The charity group revealed that there was a sharp rise in Christian persecution in Iran. This increased persecution came through various mediums including government sponsored anti-Christians campaigns.

Barnabas Aid claimed that this steep rise was organized and systematic. State sponsored anti-Christians campaigns were run via radio and television. The charity group states that there were also attempts to defame well-known Iranian Christians. These campaigns were intended to portray them as morally corrupt.

The charity group further stated that there was a crackdown against Persian speaking Christians. Dozens of house churches were closed, during these raids while the congregants were harassed, imprisoned and probed.


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