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ICC Note: Islamic radicals target Christians because of their differences in religion. These oppressors are extremely hostile to Christians by attacking their properties, their families and often times even their lives. Most Christians in African countries like Nigeria, Kenya or Uganda (to name a few) live in constant fear of their security and unable to freely practice their religion.  

04/24/2017, Uganda (The Christian Times) – Muslim extremists have threatened to kill a pastor for taking legal action against them after they destroyed his home, farm, and church building in Eastern Uganda.

Christopher James Kalaja, the pastor of Agape Sanctuary International Church, said that nine Muslims carrying blunt metal objects rampaged through his property in Nakabale village, Kaderuna Sub-County on March 27.

“As they were approaching, they were shouting ‘Allah Akbar’ and immediately started cutting down the trees on my farm, and thereafter pulled down the church building,” Kalaja told Morning Star News. “I then took off for the sake of my life,” he added.

The pastor said that the Kaderuna police took no action when he reported the incident, so he filed a suit in Budaka District court on March 28, listing Dongo Patrick and Subairi Kasabu as the gang leaders.

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