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ICC Note: The Islamic terrorist group of Al-Shabaab carried out an attack on April 2nd, 2015, targeting Christian students at Garissa University in Kenya. At least 147 students were killed in the massacre and almost 104 others injured. According to the World Watch List for 2017, Kenya occupies the 18th place where persecution against Christians is worst.

04/24/2017, Kenya (The Christian Post) – Christian student survivors of the 2015 Garissa University massacre, where 147 students were slaughtered by al-Shabaab radicals, recalled on the two-year anniversary of the attack the “exam” the Islamists made them take for their lives.
Margaret, one of the Christian student survivors, shared with persecution watchdog group Open Doors last week ahead of the April 2 anniversary the words of the attackers:

“You are asking who we are. We are al-Shabaab. We have come. Let us see who will win the game. We can see where you are hiding. Come out if you want to save your life!”

Frederick Gitonga, the former chairman of the Fellowship of Christian University Students, noted, “In the end it was an exam. If you wanted to pass, you would say you are a Muslim. If you failed, you are shot dead. If you are a Muslim, your life was safe.”

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