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ICC Note:

A Chinese hotel operator is being accused of belonging to a cult she has no association with. Tu Yan was detained along with four other church goers and 2,400 pages of “evidence” were submitted by the prosecutors attempting to link her to a cult called the Three Grades of Servants. The evidence was ruled insufficient but now new evidence has just been filed against her. When her sister or father attempt to talk to local police about Tu Yan, they are simply told that the investigation is ongoing and they refuse to answer their questions. Her family has not been allowed to visit her since her detainment in January. The danger for Tu is that many Christians have reported being tortured or otherwise coerced into confessing crimes they did not commit to protect themselves or their families.

4/21/2017 China (China Aid) – A local public security bureau in China’s southern Yunnan province re-submitted the case of Christian hotel operator for prosecution after being ordered to investigate it more thoroughly, a defense attorney informed ChinaAid on April 13.

Tu Yan, a Christian from Hunan province who operates a hotel in Dali, Yunnan, was criminally detained last year for “using a cult to disrupt law enforcement,” despite her insistence that she had never participated in a cult. On Jan. 12, the Dali Municipal Public Security Bureau submitted supposed “evidence” to the local procuratorate for prosecution, which included 12 volumes and 2,400 pages accusing her of belonging to the Three Grades of Servants, a Christian sect the Chinese government labels cultic, to which Tu has no affiliation.

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