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ICC Note:  A pastor in Uganda set thousands of Bibles on fire because he considers them misleading for his congregation. Some members of his congregation are in disagreement with his actions and claim that he will be facing God’s punishment.

04/21/2017, Uganda (Christian Post) – A pastor in Uganda burned thousands of copies of the Bible claiming the sacred book “misleads” his congregation, news reports say.

Pastor Aloysius Bugingo, pastor of the House of Prayer Ministries in Makerere, Kikoni, set fire to thousands of copies of the Bible because he says they are “heavily edited” and are thus misleading his congregation, Tuko reported. He burned the Bibles on Easter Monday.

Pastor Bugingo, who owns Salt FM and TV, claimed that certain versions of the Bible, such as the widely accepted King James Version, the Good News Bible have been “tampered with” and feature some omissions. Some verses that have been omitted, the pastor claims, are those that concern fasting and the Lent period.

He also claimed that the King James Version mentions the “Holy Ghost” 99 times, far more numerous than the “Holy Spirit” which is mentioned only seven times, the Campus Bee reports. Because of these perceived errors, pastor Bugingo told members of his congregation to gather up copies of these versions of the Bible so that they could burn them.

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