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Egyptian liberals are challenging the Egyptian government to not just fight radical Islamic terror, but also change the anti-Christian atmosphere in Egypt. An organization called Egyptians Against Religious Discrimination is composed of both Muslims and Christians and go so far as to contend that religious discrimination against Christians is endangering Egypt. EARD continues working to facilitate policies and environments that are more open to Christians in Egypt. This is encouraging in light of continued, targeted attacks against Coptic Christians.

2017-04-21 Egypt (Haaretz) – St. Catherine of Alexandria was executed in the fourth century C.E. in Islamic State style. First she was tortured on a breaking wheel, and when that didn’t kill her, she was beheaded. This week, ISIS sent a reminder that the site sacred to the Greek Orthodox in Sinai, which is named after St. Catherine, didn’t enjoy the protection of the martyred saint when an Islamic State unit killed an Egyptian policeman in charge of protecting it.

Some 10 days after the twin terror attacks on churches in Egypt, killing at least 40 people, ISIS continues to apply its new strategy that doesn’t suffice with attacking security forces and random victims. Instead, it seeks to rend the fragile fabric of Muslim-Christian relations in Egypt.

A few months ago, the Sinai city of el Arish was rocked by the murder of seven Christian civilians, which led to the flight of more than 40 Christian families from El Arish to Ismailia, where they are living as refugees until they can return to their homes.

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