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ICC Note: Islamic terrorist in Africa such as Boko Haram and Al-Shabaab are always targeting younger generations to carry out their jihad. These radicals recruit their young victims by kidnapping them and forcing them to convert to Islam, so they can carry out their terrorist attack. Unfortunately, public universities in Kenya have become the place where these radicals come to recruit their militants.  

04/20/2017, Kenya (AllAfrica) – PUBLIC universities in Kenya have disintegrated into recruitment bases for Islamic extremists and terror groups.

According to authorities, terrorist organisations such as the Al-Shabaab were radicalizing the university students, training them and deploying them to carry out deadly acts in the East African country and neighbouring Somalia, where the Al-Shabaab is based.

“A number of university students have been reported missing only to be traced in Somalia or Syria where it is believed they are training with the Al-Shabaab or Isis (Islamic State of Iraq and Syria) for deployment in Islamic caliphates,” said Kenya deputy secretary for internal security, Thomas Sakah.

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