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By Linda Jones

04/20/2017 Washington, DC (International Christian Concern) – Samir and his family fled their home in Qeraqosh, Iraq, after ISIS attacked their town on August 6, 2014. To make matters worse, the family lost their father five years before the attack, forcing Samir, the oldest brother, to quit school and provide for his mother, younger brother, and two younger sisters.

I didn’t like life in Qeraqosh. Maybe because of the kind of job I was doing, but the day we fled Qeraqosh was the hardest day I passed through, Samir told International Christian Concern (ICC).

Samir and his family finally settled into an internally displaced person (IDP) camp in Baghdad, where he got a job as a janitor at a nightclub. Unfortunately, Samir was very young when he started working at the nightclub; thus, many people disrespected him and treated him poorly.

Despite all of his suffering, Samir knew that God had a plan for him and that He would not leave him alone.

God found me after fleeing Qeraqosh and that was the positive point for me. Jesus showered me with love and is still doing the same. I lost the chance to be in regular school, but I am trying to work to support my brother and sisters not to lose what I lost,” Samir explained to ICC.

After learning about Samir’s situation, ICC immediately decided to implement a project to help Samir and his family in the long-term. During the initial interview, Samir shared his intentions of purchasing a car to become a taxi driver. Unfortunately, he did not have the funds to purchase the car and was afraid that he wouldn’t find any customers. ICC decided to assist Samir in buying a car that he could use as a taxi to continue providing for his family.

I was hesitant to purchase a car and work as a taxi driver,” Samir said. “All I have is a very small amount. What if I purchase a car, [and] later I can’t find customers? When ICC promised to help, it was more than financial help; it was like a big organization believing [in] that work and assuring that the project will be successful.

Samir was excited about God’s provision and he made business connections to make deliveries for a flower shop and a baker. He is now thankful that God provided these alternatives for him to continue working and support his family.

I am so excited that now I am able to support my family financially, Samir reported to ICC. “I am gaining about $40 a day and it’s good since I don’t have rent now. It’s planned that next June the government will remove the caravans where I live so I have to find [a] way to pay rent then.”

Many Christians like Samir are forced to take up the role of breadwinners at a very young age. Let’s remember to pray for God’s provision, so that Samir can return to school and that God can continue to provide as he supports his family. Additionally, let’s pray for Samir’s relationship with God and that he continues to focus and grow in the Lord.