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China is cracking down on Christianity and other religions. New research is showing that restrictions on religion have increased since Xi took power in 2012. Over the past few decades, Christianity has been allowed to exist illegally, with varying degrees of tolerance, as the government relaxed its controls on the people and the economy. Xi’s leadership has seen a reversal of that trend. Freedom House estimates that more than a quarter of the population of China is religious. Some of these religions have very low levels of persecution, such as Buddhism, Taoism, and some forms of Islam. However, Christians, Uighir Muslims, Tibetan Buddhists, and Falun Gong practitioners have experienced high levels of persecution.

4/18/2017 China (Japan Times) – President Xi Jinping’s China is becoming a more fearful place. The government has cracked down both on dissent and contact with the West. Religious persecution also is rising: the communist god that failed fears competition.

A new Freedom House report details how “the authorities have intensified many of their restrictions, resulting in an overall increase in religious persecution” since Xi took power in November 2012.

Persecution reveals a leadership which is nervous, even scared. The Chinese Communist Party is filled with ambitious time-servers, people too smart to believe Marxist and Maoist nonsense but too venal to reject the fictions by which China’s rulers justify their power.

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