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Egypt’s Coptic Christians gathered in great numbers to mourn the martyrs of the Palm Sunday suicide bombs together. The solemnity of these Easter services and the present fear of possible future attacks were reinforced by the presence of heavy security. Many of these Christians are confused and disappointed with this delayed reaction from the government as the security forces appeared only after the bombings.

2017-04-18 Egypt (Reuters) – Hundreds of members of Egypt’s Christian minority Copt community gathered at a church in the city of Tanta on Easter Sunday to mourn those killed in a suicide bombing there a week earlier.

Islamic State claimed responsibility for the Palm Sunday attack on the church and the bombing of another church in Alexandria on the same day, attacks that killed 45 people in total.

Amid heavy security, worshippers filed past a flower-strewn memorial at the Mar Girgis church, with incense burning, and offered prayers.

Copts throughout Egypt, where they make up about 10 percent of the population of 92 million, have been attending Easter service in somber mood following the bombings.



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