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The wife of a detained Christian rights activist says that she expects to disappear any day in China. Wang Quiaoling is herself a devout Christian and has spent the last few years fighting for the release of her husband, Li Heping. She says that over the past few weeks cameras have been installed all around her apartment building and agents are following her everywhere she goes. She has already sent her daughter to live with family members as she expects she can disappear at any point. In a message to Human Rights in China she said, “Being arrested is actually an accomplishment for me: it will mark the transformation of a housewife who never used her brain … into a citizen.”

4/17/2017 China (Radio Free Asia) – The wife of a Chinese rights lawyer detained on subversion charges during a nationwide police operation that launched in July 2015 has warned that she may be the next family member of a lawyer to be “disappeared.”

In a message sent to Human Rights in China (HRIC), Li Heping’s wife Wang Qiaoling said surveillance cameras have now been installed right in front of her apartment building, and that she is continually followed by state security police and unidentified personnel wherever she goes.

“The appearance of this cluster of cameras unnerves me, and I can’t help feeling frightened because no policemen had watched me even during the [annual parliament last month], and now I’m being tracked by cameras,” Wang, recipient of the 2016 Franco-German Prize for Human Rights, said in a statement translated by HRIC and posted on their website.

“These days, family members, lawyers, and friends are continuously telling me things like: ‘You’re in great danger,'” Wang wrote, adding that state security police had told a friend of hers that “she will definitely be detained because she has a political history.”

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