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Pakistan’s security forces have identified a woman arrested as part of an ISIS plot to bomb Christians celebrating Easter in Lahore. Naureen Leghari, a 20-year-old medical student, was arrested as a ISIS terrorist yesterday after a tip was received by security forces. According to family, Leghari had pledged loyalty to ISIS and recently spent 2 months in ISIS were she received training. According to the security forces, Leghari and two other militants were ordered to target Christians celebrating Easter yesterday. The militants were arrested in possession of seven suicide vests and other weapons. 

04/17/2017 Pakistan (India Times) – The Pakistani army today said that the 20-year-old woman, who was arrested in a terror bust in Lahore, is a medical student that had joined ISIS on Facebook. The security forces claimed to have foiled a major attack on Christians ahead of Easter in Lahore after they killed a militant in Punjab Housing Society and arrested of his two aides, including the woman.

Six personnel had suffered injuries during a shoot-out the Inter Service Public Relation, the media wing of Pakistan army, explained later. The woman has been identified as Naureen Leghari, a second-year student of the Liaquat University of Medical and Health Sciences (LUMHS) in Jamshoro, Sindh province of Pakistan.

According to Pakistan news channel Duniya news, Leghari spent two months in Syria and returned to Lahore almost six days before being taken into custody by security forces. Leghari, resident of Hyderabad, had disappeared in early February and it was suspected that she fled to join the ISIS.

“After reaching Lahore on February 10, Naureen had messaged her brother through a friend’s Facebook profile that she has reached the land of Khilafah (caliphate),” an official said. “Brother, I am Naureen, I hope you all are fine, I am fine and happy too, I have contacted you to inform you that by the grace of God, I have migrated to the land of Khilafah (caliphate) and hope that you all will someday migrate (to this land),” the official read the message of Naureen to her brother.

Professor Abdul Jabbar, father of Leghari, filed a missing reported of his daughter on February 10. A source in the Lahore police told PTI that Leghari was connected with ISIS on Facebook where she also pledged allegiance to the ISIS chief.

Facebook administration blocked her account because of her extremist views. “On her arrival to Lahore she married an IS activist, Ali Tariq, age 32. Tariq was an expert in preparing suicide vests. Naureen also received training to use weapons, especially Kalashnikov rifles.

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