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Thien An is a friary which has experienced decades of persecution in Vietnam. The Communist government has been trying to seize its land. The church has resisted, and has faced daily persecution for it. According to Asia News local gangs which are probably hired by authorities try to disrupt services on a daily basis, threaten church goers, and yell at visitors. The church has been the subject of attack by thugs hired by the government and police breaking in to the building threatening to seize it. Still the church has managed to continue and has ordained five new priests in the process.

4/15/2017 Vietnam (Asia News) – Mgr Micae Hoàng Đức Oanh, bishop of Kontum, visited the Benedictine monastery in Thiên An on 4 April where he officiated the ordination of five religious.

The friary is the focus of a painful dispute with Vietnam’s communist regime, which has been trying for some time to seize its 110 hectares of protected forest and eradicate the practice of religion.

Mgr Hoàng stopped to pray at the Order’s ‘Hill of tribulation’, defiled some time ago by thugs sent by the authorities in Huế, capital city of Thừa Thiên Huế province.

The bishop took on his visit Fr Tađêô Nguyễn Van Lý, Fr Phêrô Nguyễn Van Giải, and Fr Phêrô Phan Văn Lợi, important figures in the struggle for justice, human rights and religious freedom in Vietnam.

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