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ICC Note:

Reports suggest that ISIS’s recent destruction of Iraq is the worst seen in nearly 300 years. The terrorist group is said to be responsible for the demolition of 155 religious sites that not only served as historical and cultural icons of the area, but also centers of worship for the present religious minorities. Christian towns have suffered the looting and burning of thousands of homes and churches, with the targeting of symbolic crosses.

4/13/2017 Iraq (Jerusalem Post) – “The Jews came to Iraq as prisoners for 70 years,” an old Assyrian man said as we drove back to Qaraqosh from Mosul in early April.

He spoke of the diverse history of the Nineveh plains, the flatlands around Mosul that were once populated by large numbers of Christians, Yazidis and other minority groups

The 70 years of captivity, which took place in the seventh century BCE, form the basis for the Psalm, “By the rivers of Babylon, we sat and wept when we remembered Zion.”

Today’s Mosul and the areas around it were the site of many of the worst crimes of ISIS against cultural heritage.

A submission to the UN Special Rapporteur in the field of cultural rights by the Research Assessment and Safeguarding of the Heritage of Iraq in Danger in September 2016, concluded that ISIS carried out “planned and systematic” destruction.



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