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Two members of the Indian parliament have urged the country’s Prime Minister and Home Minister to help extend the visas of several Christian missionaries working in India. According to the two MPs, these missionaries continue to be involved in important social and educational work in India, but face deportation due to rising discrimination against Christians. In their appeal, the two MPs mentioned the rising levels of religious intolerance across India and also requested the central government to take action. 

04/12/2017 India (Economic Times) – Two MPs, Vincent H Pala and Conrad K Sangma, have urged Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Home Minister Rajnath Singh to help extend the visas of Christian missionaries in India.

Pala, a former union Minority Affairs Minister, on Tuesday urged Modi to personally intervene on what he said was the “persecution” of Christians in India.

The Congress MP also appealed to the Prime Minister to allow foreign Christian missionaries to stay in India and to continue to do their social and educational service for the poor.

“I need to hardly underscore the increasing incidents of hate and violence against Christians in the country despite the community being peace loving, harmonious and contributing to the nation building,” Pala said in his letter.

“As part of this ongoing discrimination against Christians, long living members of the community in India from other nations, who contribute immensely to education and social work especially while working amidst underprivileged sections of the society, are being hounded and asked to leave the country,” he said.

Sangma, the lone National People’s Party member in the Lok Sabha, wrote to Rajnath Singh seeking his intervention into the visa problems faced by the missionaries.

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